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PJ's Coffee of New Orleans

Founded in 1978 by Phyllis Jordan, PJ's Coffee of New Orleans now brings the savory taste and experience of New Orleans coffee to the world. With over forty locations open, PJ's Coffee of New Orleans continues to launch new locations so the rest of the country is getting a taste of better beans, superior roasting techniques and pure passion for the art of coffee making.

PJ's Coffee Company sets the standard for selecting, roasting and brewing coffee.

  • In order to make simply the best coffee, we own the bean selection process and we own the roasting process. Without it, a coffee company loses control of two of the three foundational stages of developing a premium cup of coffee.
  • PJ's uses a "medium roast strategy" (vs. the "well done" strategy of our Northwest counterparts). This means that we have confidence in our beans. It means that we KNOW our beans are quality -- no need to burn them.
  • Small batch size = controlled quality. Roasting the country's best beans is a delicate process. We take it seriously.
  • Quality beans, unequaled richness. The best coffee comes from beans that are carefully chosen, still green, properly handled to minimize damage. Sounds overprotective, but the results can be tasted.

PJ's success is based on three fundamental achievements. Selecting the best beans. Roasting beans according to some very distinct coffee profiles. Serving those finely roasted beans under the exact conditions our founder, Phyllis Jordan, developed some 30 years ago. NobleOutReach is proud to have invested and opened a new PJ's Coffee on the world famous Canal Street. We also are proud to have invested in the restructuring and reopening of two PJ's Coffee Houses on the Tulane University Campus.

PJ's Coffee Tulane University Campus