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BAY-NOLA-MGMT, LLC (BNM), headquartered and conducting business in New Orleans, Louisiana is a firm handling construction activities, food service activities, business operation and management, financial, economic and business projects and construction analysis for projects in the job-creating business ventures. BNM is organized in New Orleans to focus on a targeted need for quality business activities in the planning, start-up and operational phases. The firm's experience and project capabilities include:

  • construction;
  • engineering;
  • food service;
  • financial services;
  • investment advisory services;
  • alternative investment analysis;
  • construction project financial analysis;
  • hotel industry investment analysis and advisory services;
  • restaurant industry investment analysis and advisory services;
  • payroll services, analysis and selection;
  • healthcare and insurance program selection analysis and selection;
  • new project financing and alternative analysis; and
  • payroll processing and staffing for financial projects.

BAY-NOLA-MGMT, LLC (BNM) functions as a third-party provider of quality construction, food service, investment management, financial, and economic analysis and advisory services. BNM takes a "project" focus since the firm believes that "deliverables" are the key to accomplishing specific goals identified for each piece of work. The project focus allows BNM staff to maintain the specific scope of the financial engagement. The deliverable or goal will be analyzed and tailored solutions developed for specific questions or problems posed to BNM. The deliverable provides the basis for a tangible outcome, a delivered document (and/or a series of documents) with analysis and recommendations providing a result. BNM enables this process, and thus BAY-NOLA-MGMT markets and provides the following services as needed and/or as requested by the client:

  • Construction -- performs work to deliver engineered building sites, installed utilities, completed site work, and architected buildings.
  • Food Service -- provides food service produces for the delivery of food and beverages to patrons. Provides staff to accomplish the delivery of high quality food service within restaurants, and other eating establishments.
  • Marketing -- performs the marketing research and outreach to domestic and international businesses and associations to assist in the creation of and relocation of for-profit, job creating businesses to improve the economic revitalization of Orleans Parish, Louisiana.
  • Business and Financial Analysis -- coordinates the effects of business plans through available information; performs interviews with company principals to begin the formal process of reviewing and analyzing the for-profit, job creating business which anticipate location within Orleans Parish. These activities may include business and financial analysis, business planning, construction analysis and planning, construction administration, financials and spreadsheet preparation and analysis, and project coordination and deliverable preparation.
  • Tax and Estate Planning -- performs and/or coordinates international and domestic tax planning; international and domestic estate planning; and the foreign corporate and personal financial structure planning for corporate entities, individuals, and other entities which anticipate locating within Orleans Parish, Louisiana.
  • Corporate Analysis, Corporate and Financial Structuring, and Planning -- provides the services and coordinates the activities which relate to maintaining business relations with financial, legal and business partners to understand and source business deals, provide business analysis; reviews and analyzes potential business transactions; creates for-profit business deal flow; vets business deals; analyzes the capital, equity, and debt financing activities and requirements for for-profit entities; coordinates legal and tax related activities; performs the accounting and operational control functions or ensures their existence; and supports the financial, tax, audit, and employment reporting functions.
  • Management Oversight and Control -- performs and/or coordinates the oversight and control functions for business opportunities. The financial analysts are expected to review operational results and address issues with corporate management of the businesses within the Parish. Various board level positions are expected for the monitored investments. Ensures that management reporting, audit functions, compensation control and standards are implemented, and reports to investors regarding risks and issues needing attention.
  • Human Resource and Employment Reporting Services -- provides performance analysis or coordinates the oversight and control functions of Human Resource and benefit administration support, including time and attendance management, pre-employment screening and advisory service and insurance options.