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Investment Industries

NobleFunds: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

NobleOutReach and its family of NobleFunds offer both foreign and U.S. domestic investors profitable investment opportunities within the U.S. Gulf of Mexico Coast. Our NobleFunds offer an exceptional for-profit business opportunity with the added benefit of providing humanitarian aid through the rebuilding of this hurricane-devastated area.

The rebuilding opportunities are vast; New Orleans and the entire U.S. Gulf Coast drastically need profit-oriented capital investment into projects and industries such as:

  • Motion Picture, Film, and Arts
  • Lodging, Hospitality, and Restaurants
  • Community-based Healthcare, and Mobile Medical Clinics
  • Family Housing
  • Resort Communities
  • Retail, Entertainment, and Gaming
  • Port Redevelopment
  • Harbor, Marine, and Coastal Rebuilding
  • Universities

Investment in NobleFunds is a unique opportunity to invest in a portfolio of projects that:

  • Create regional job benefits
  • Satisfy immigrant investor (EB-5) Petitions
  • Rejuvenate a devastated area of the US
  • Provide significant tax benefits
  • Anticipate profitable financial returns